Miles McWilliams

Head of Global Business
Internet, Content & Security Solutions
Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier

Picture of Miles McWilliamsMiles McWilliams represents the International Wholesale Sales Division of Internet, Content and Security Solutions (ASN3320) at Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier.

Miles joined Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier in May 2011 as Sales Specialist to lead the sales for the New Media Services Portfolio. In April 2012, he took on the responsibility of growing the Internet, Content and Security Solutions (ASN3320) for Deutsche Telekom’s Wholesale Global Market, managing an international sales team.

Miles obtained extensive industry expertise before joining the Deutsche Telekom group at CDNetworks/Panther Express, Viamichelin (Michelin Group) and Virtual Internet. This has equipped him with invaluable skills and in-depth industry knowledge of CDN, Location Based Services and the Hosting market.

Miles operates at the highest level within the global Internet, Content and Security space for Deutsche Telekom. His team delivers wholesale solutions and consultancy to aid new Internet, Content and Security product launches, assist with growth plans and bridge limitations identified within existing product portfolios and service offerings.

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