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Backblaze Inc.

The Backblaze Storage Cloud makes it astonishingly easy to store, use, and protect data for businesses, institutions, and IT professionals. Backblaze B2 Reserve, a channel offering, delivers capacity pricing, budget predictability, waived transaction fees, premium support, and data migration. Backblaze serves more than 500,000 customers in over 175 countries.


For over 20 years, Fortinet has been a driving force in the evolution of cybersecurity and the convergence of networking and security. With over 595,000 customers worldwide, our network security solutions are the most deployed, most patented, and among the most validated in the industry. Our broad, complementary portfolio of cybersecurity solutions are built from the ground up with integration and automation in mind, enabling more efficient, self-healing operations and a rapid response to known and unknown threats.  Learn more at

Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud is a leading global cloud and CDN provider. It is the cloud computing branch of Tencent, one of world’s largest technology companies and an ecosystem that includes top social, gaming, entertainment, and media platforms. With vast global infrastructure, engagement teams around the world, and extensive experience delivering optimal digital engagement to a massive user base, Tencent Cloud offers powerful technology solutions that enable companies to succeed in Asia and globally.

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CDN77, one of the leading global providers of content delivery network services, helps the world’s most popular websites and apps bring a seamless online experience to their users. Determined always to deliver the best performance, exceptional support, and a client-first approach, CDN77 gives a fresh impetus to the CDN market.


Edgio helps build and deliver secure web apps and content across the globe in milliseconds. Our edge services unify your site experiences – with CDN, security, native and third party apps all running on one of the world’s largest and fastest global edge networks. Ranked one of the fastest performing CDNs on earth, we are trusted by Verizon, TD Ameritrade, Coach, and many more. Visit us at


Synamedia helps service providers around the world to enrich, protect, and deliver video content so they can Connect a bigger audience.Our Video Network portfolio offers secure, end-to-end, and open video distribution, processing and delivery solutions that can be deployed on-premise, virtualized, or As-a-Service video-workflows. Synamedia is a company of lifelong video obsessives and we’ve been a major driving force of delivering incredible experiences and video innovation for over 30 years. Now we’re the largest global provider of video solutions for service providers and content owners. Our mission is to help the best companies in the world, bring the best entertainment experiences to audiences everywhere. Simply, we help connecting a bigger audience.

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