Joshua Weiss

Co-Founder & CEO
ARK Multicasting, Inc.

Picture of Joshua WeissJoshua is the Co-Founder and CEO of ARK Multicasting, the largest unencumbered broadcast internet network in the US with upwards of 300 TV stations covering 1/3rd of the US. In less than 4 years, Josh has led the transformation of his 30-year-old family business to the forefront of 5G and edge computing. Prior to building ARK, he built and managed the International Broadcasting Network by bringing together key stakeholders in the industry producing and distributing content to over 30 million homes worldwide. Early in his career he built the sales and marketing department for American Independence Manufacturing, a start-up locker company which he helped to scale to over $150mm in sales to professional and collegiate sports teams. Joshua is a published author, award-winning television producer, and broadcast industry leader. He has an MA in strategic communications and is a Ph.D. candidate in communications at Regent University.

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