Trade Options

We welcome the opportunity to work with your organization as a media partner. Explore the options we have to offer and choose which options work best with your marketing plans.

All barters should be negotiated through Misty Simms please contact her at 859-278-2223 ext 103 or via email.

Matching Value

Our goal is to ensure that elements provided by Information Today, Inc are of relatively equal value to what is received in return. Dollar values of all elements are provided for your convenience. However, some element value can be matched in other ways.

  • eNewsletter distribution may be matched based on number of sends
  • Web banners may be exchanged for like kind even if values don't match.

Elements Available

Logo recognition on signage and pre-event mailings: 
Have your logo displayed at conference on-site signage as a media parter, as well as pre-event mailings.

Logo with link on Conference website:
Logo, with click through link, will be displayed prominently on conference website in media partners section

E-Newsetter sponsorship:
Have your company banner with a 75 word description listed in a sponsored e-newsletter, which is distributed to our mailing list weekly

Name for name email exchange

Booth space:
Exhibitor booth space at the event.

Bin or bag insert

Banner ad:
Run a banner ad on our site for a specified amount of time, limited availability 

If you have special request please contact Misty Simms to discuss.