May 14th, 2012
Hilton New York | New York, NY
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2013 Content Delivery Summit
Monday May 20th
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Content Delivery Summit Agenda

May 14, 2012

9:00 am - 9:30 am


Tal Saraf is the General Manager of Amazon CloudFront, AWS’s pay-as-go content distribution service, and Amazon Route 53, AWS’s DNS service. In this role, Tal is responsible for the overall development, management and product direction of Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53.

Tal Saraf, GM, Amazon CloudFront

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9:30 am - 10:00 am


Laurie Hutto-Hill is the Area Vice President and General Manager of Dell’s Global Telecommunications Media and Entertainment industry business unit. In this role she globally leads the customer facing market strategy for providing industry relevant solutions and innovation to the telecommunication media and entertainment customers.

Laurie Hutto-Hill, AVP, GM, Telecommunications Media & Entertainment, Dell Software

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10:00 am - 10:30 am

Coffee Break

10:30 am - 11:15 am

A101: PANEL: Understanding the CDN Economics of Build vs. Buy

What's the best path, economically, for operators contemplating a CDN strategy? Build it, or rent capacity from a growing roster of third-party partner CDNs? This session will discuss how to think through the economic tradeoffs, both business and technical, associated with CDN planning and implementation. Attendees will learn how to cost out a CDN rollout, from two perspectives: Building it, or renting “space” with a third-party partner. Speakers will also discuss how to correlate peak demand with economic necessity, what “scale” means in dollars and cents, and how to factor in the economic impact on transport and data center costs.

Moderator: Ben Bekele, Sr. Business & Technology Architecture Marketing Manager, Cisco
Michael O'Donnell, President, CEO, Skytide
Scott Landman, VP, Business Development, Americas, Jet-Stream
Jacob Rosenberg, Platform Architecture, Comcast Cable

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B101: PANEL: Transparent Caching and CDN: What’s Driving the Converged Offering?

Traditionally, managed subscription services have been delivered via CDNs at the Internet edge, while unmanaged over-the-top content is delivered from transparent caches at the access network edge. Recent industry developments suggest that these two formerly separate approaches will become more coordinated, creating a unified delivery infrastructure that will bring both CDN-managed and OTT content to the network edge - improving end user quality and network economics. This session will review the trends that are driving this transformation, and explain how these different delivery methods are converging. It will explore the technical and business benefits and challenges for content providers, network operators and consumers.

Moderator: Mark Taylor, VP, Media and IP Services, Level 3
Gilad Peleg, VP, Marketing and Business Development, Oversi
Alan Arolovitch, CTO, PeerApp
Anshu Agarwal, Head of Product Management, Content and Media, Juniper Networks
Hashem Ebrahimi, VP, Engineering, SuperLumin

11:30 am - 12:30 pm


PRESENTATION: Lessons From Phase Two of the CDN Federation Pilot

Many service providers are exploring the potential of CDN interconnection and CDN federations. This session will review the business rationale behind this trend and introduce the "CDN Federation Pilot" project. A current program under which leading SPs worldwide have been implementing a long-term, large-scale, multi-phased initiative to plan, deploy, and test an open CDN federation pilot. While the first phase of the CDN Federation pilot proved the concept of a CDN Federation and its essential capabilities, the second phase investigated advanced capabilities across the federation. The lessons learnt from this second phase will also be presented.

Francois Le Faucheur, Distinguished Engineer, Service Provider Video Technology Group, Cisco

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PRESENTATION: Telco CDN - Insights On Telefonica's CDN Strategy and Deployment

Hear an overview of the context, ecosystem and strategy for Telefonica's recently released CDN offering, implemented across the fourth largest telco with direct access to 300M users world wide. Hear how they handle monetization and analytics across their CDN, the impact of QoS for their customers and an update on their current CDN activity.

Gonzalo de la Vega, Director, Business Development, Global Delivery Services, Telefonica

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PRESENTATION: CDNs Role in Extending Video Delivery in Time Warner Cable

The presentation will cover the Time Warner Network vision and the critical role CDN plays in expanding their video delivery capabilities of Time Warner Cable beyond the set-top-box to the multi-screen, multi-device world. Hear about the deployment and operation of a CDN in a Cable Network from the person responsible for content and video operations and hear why CDN was key to Time Warner Cable's network vision.

Paul Larbey, President, Velocix CDN, Alcatel-Lucent
Jaime Miles, VP, National Content Operations, Time Warner Cable

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PRESENTATION: Marrying CDNs with Front-End Optimization for Maximum Acceleration

Many content owners are already using a content delivery network (CDN) to cache content closer to their visitors, but CDNs don't reduce the number of requests required to render each page, and they have no impact on browser efficiency. Front-end optimization (FEO) picks up where CDNs leave off, transforming the content itself so that it renders as quickly as possible in the browser. In this presentation, attendees will see real-world examples of how leading e-commerce sites have combined CDN and FEO forces to reach new levels of performance for content-rich pages. Get real numbers on how quickly content-rich sites loaded pre-acceleration, then with just a CDN, then with a combined CDN/FEO solution.

Joshua Bixby, President, Strangeloop

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PRESENTATION: The New Evolution of Transparent Video Caching

The presentation will cover the business case for transparent caching - moving beyond transit optimization to a means of architecting your network for video delivery and achieving end-to-end backbone cost containment. The session will cover best practices for network insertion of transparent caching solutions in order to maximize return on investment and will go through pre-deployment analysis and sizing strategies, demonstrating Qwilt's platform video analytics capabilities. The session will also provide some guidelines in sizing and comparing TPC solutions and what are the gotchas operators should look for. 

Alon Maor, Co-founder and CEO, Qwilt

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PRESENTATION: Using CDN and Front-End Optimization To Deliver a Good Mobile Experience

Differentiated by a reliable and engaging experience, the Mocospace Game Platform has rapidly grown to be the largest entertainment destination on the mobile web with 25 million registered users, spending over 1 million hours per day playing games and making friends. In this presentation, learn how Mocospace combined Front-End optimization with CDN to deliver a great user experience for mobile apps and HTML5 games. Hear about some of the unique challenges of the mobile web including the differences between the desktop and mobile web, how last-mile latency is the primary opportunity, and how and why Front-End optimization is a key ingredient for innovation and continued growth on the mobile Web.

Jamie Hall, CTO, Mocospace
Bob Buffone, Co-Founder, CTO, Yottaa, Inc.

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12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Attendee Luncheon

1:30 pm - 2:15 pm


PRESENTATION: Demo Of Amazon's New Dynamic Content Delivery Service

Dynamic site acceleration is a suite of technologies and products that deals with optimizing dynamically served content across the network. Traditional DSA services often include TCP optimization, route optimization, connection management, on-the-fly compression, SSL offload and pre-fetching technologies. This presentation will demo Amazon's new announced dynamic content service on Amazon's CloudFront CDN service.

Alex Dunlap, Senior Manager, Amazon Web Services

PRESENTATION: Carrier-Grade CDN With Integrated Content Management

Nowadays, telcos are requested to deliver media content with a higher quality of experience and operate with greater flexibility so they can monetize content. This presentation will show how HP's SpeedVideo CDN technology allows telcos to deliver media and leverage content management to improve their quality of service without impacting their CAPEX. Hear about customers’ deployment of the solution and how they are getting carrier grade results.

Nigel Upton, Director of Innovation, Communication and Media Solutions, Hewlett-Packard
Andrea Fabrizi, CDN Solution Manager, Hewlett-Packard

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B103: PANEL: Best Practices for Optimizing Web Applications

What is the easiest way to optimize an application, should I purchase an ADC, subscribe to a CDN, install a Front-End optimization solution, deploy a WAN Optimization Controller or do I need all of these? When trying to improve the performance of a web site it is easy to get pulled in many directions and confused with all the varying solutions out there designed to optimize and accelerate applications. In this session attendees will learn about different application delivery optimization solutions on the market, how they differ and which ones incorporate all of these components to improve the end user experience for their web applications.

Moderator: Steve Lerner, Media Practice Director, RampRate Sourcing Advisors
Jerry Hall, VP, Marketing, FastSoft
John McIlwain, Director of Products, CDNetworks
Dawn Parzych, Product Manager, F5

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm


PRESENTATION: How Pacnet Is Accelerating Content Delivery in Asia

Asia hosts one of the fastest growing Internet populations in the world, and one that is consuming and producing an increasing amount of digital content. This presentation will discuss the key trends in this market and share Pacnet's strategy to accelerate content delivery across this diverse region through deployment of CDN technology. They will also focus on the need for a true OpenCDN federation in which members operate in the geographies in which they are strong and can rely on partners with similar strengths in other regions to offer a powerful and consistent global service to customers.

Jon Vestal, VP, CDN Products, Pacnet

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PRESENTATION: Why a Managed-CDN Offering was Compelling for Bell Canada

Carriers, OTT providers, network operators and even large enterprises are increasingly interested in offering their own CDN and other value-added services. For many, the reduction of costs, expansion of service offerings, and generation of additional revenue streams are compelling value propositions. Gain invaluable insight from Bell Canada and their solution provider Limelight Networks on the challenges of entering the CDN market, best practices on doing so successfully, and why a Managed-CDN approach may be best for you.

Simon Drinkwater, Senior Director, Strategic Alliances, Limelight Deploy
Robert Kevork, Associate Director, Marketing, Content Delivery Network, Bell Canada

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PRESENTATION: How Cox Deployed Live and On-Demand Video For Their TV Connect App

With its TV Connect initiative for delivering live programs and On Demand titles via Apple devices, Cox needed a content delivery platform architected to meet its performance, scalability, manageability, and TCO needs. This presentation will focus on the key attributes Cox looked for in CDN technology to meet their needs for cost, quality and scale.

Larry Peterson, Chief Scientist, Verivue
Muhammad Raza, Solutions Engineer, Cox Communications

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PRESENTATION: CDN and Over-The-Top Traffic Data

In one of the largest studies of its kind, DeepField Networks will report on growth in CDN traffic, over-the-top services and other sources of consumer video across multiple providers. Data will be presented from a study of a hundred providers around the world as well as their recent work analyzing traffic patterns across several million subscribers in North America. This presentation explores seismic, ongoing shifts in Internet traffic demands and underlying network architecture as well as a discussion of evolving provider peering and CDN strategies.

Craig Labovitz, Co-Founder, DeepField Networks

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PRESENTATION: The Impact of Video Quality on Monetization

When it comes to video on the web, delivering a quality experience is what drives customers and brings them back. This presentation will discuss some of the ways content owners can maximize their monetization strategy by ensuring a high quality video experience. Learn about the impact of switching from RTMP to HTTP, offering multi-platform adaptive bitrate streaming, multi-device targeting and how to drive a quality user experience by leveraging real-time analytics with measurable performance data.

Brad Altfest, Principal Solutions Architect, Highwinds
David Moffly, CEO,

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3:45 pm - 4:30 pm


PRESENTATION: Utilizing a Converged Operator CDN Platform for Next Generation Video-on-Demand

This presentation will look at how one cable company utilized a single operator CDN platform to deliver their VOD library to their own IP-enabled set top boxes, as well as extend that content to other IP devices including, PCs, game consoles, tablets, and smart phones, both on and off their network. The presentation will cover the way network operators and MSOs think about delivering video to their subscribers and how a managed CDN platform can also be utilized to better manage the experience for traditional over-the-top (OTT) video services.

Frank Childs, Director of Product Marketing, Networks Division, Akamai

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PRESENTATION: Federation Amongst Operator Based CDNs

This presentation talks about how EdgeCast, in partnership with other Operator CDNs, is exchanging commercial traffic in the first full production CDN Federation. Learn how this federation is empowering independent CDN operators to interconnect and buy/sell CDN capacity from one another. Hear how the federation technology allows CDN operators to interconnect and independently establish their own transfer pricing between networks.

Andrew Lientz, VP, Managed Services, EdgeCast

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B105: PANEL: The Business of CDN Federation

CDN federation allows participants to offer a global CDN service by pooling and sharing resources amongst major regional players. Ideally a Federated CDN would enable regional CDNs to pool their capabilities into a broader offering that improves utilization and reduces overall investment. This panel examines the business prospects of CDN federations, considering the market opportunities, enablers, challenges and timing.

Moderator: Barry Tishgart, Vice President, GM, Comcast Wholesale
Tony Lapolito, Director of Product Management, Videoscape Distribution Suite, Cisco
Peter Papavasiliou, VP, Marketing, Concentric Cloud Solutions
Ditlev Bredahl, CEO, OnApp
Hui Zhang, CEO, Conviva

4:45 pm - 5:30 pm

A106: PRESENTATION: Video CDN Data: Pricing, Contract, Volume and Market Sizing Trends

This presentation will share the latest data on the size of the content delivery market for video, as well as expected growth forecasts for both revenue and traffic volumes. Attendees will also learn the current pricing points for video delivery services and hear about the market drivers and trends that will determine what customers pay in the future. There will also be an extensive Q&A session, so this is your chance to ask questions pertaining to current or future CDN pricing and market drivers.

Dan Rayburn, Streaming Media Magazine's European Edition

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5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Networking Reception