Barry Tishgart
Vice President, GM
Comcast Wholesale

Barry Tishgart is Vice President, IP Services for Comcast Wholesale, a division of Comcast Cable. In this role, Tishgart oversees sales, service and product management for IP solutions at Comcast Wholesale, delivering solutions to hundreds of Media and Technology companies worldwide.
Barry has over 20 years of experience in the wireless, cable, Internet, and telecommunications sectors in technical, sales, and marketing roles. Prior to Comcast Wholesale, Barry was Vice President of Internet Product Management for Comcast. Before joining Comcast in 2007, Tishgart was Vice President of Managed Services at Sprint and led enterprise sales and service functions. While at Sprint, he also led product and marketing for global data services and wireless data, and served as Director of Network Engineering.
Tishgart holds a B.B.A. in Information Systems and a Master’s in Business degrees from the University of Texas at Austin.