• Photos by David Michael Howarth.
  • Photos by David Michael Howarth.
  • Photos by David Michael Howarth.
  • Photos by David Michael Howarth.
May 10th, 2010
Hilton New York | New York, NY
Photos by David Michael Howarth.
Speakers From:
  • Level 3 Communications
  • Verizon Communications
  • StreamingMedia.com
  • Highwinds
  • CDNetworks
  • EPIX, Studio 3 Partners
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Juniper Networks
  • 3Crowd Technologies
  • Encoding.com
  • EdgeCast Networks
  • Level 3
  • HD Cloud
  • AT&T
  • Adobe
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • MLB.com
  • Cotendo
  • Bell Canada
  • Sachs & Co.
  • Akamai
  • Highwinds
  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Limelight Networks
  • DH Capital
  • Rackspace
  • Thomas Weisel Partners

Dan Golding
Managing Director
DH Capital

Daniel Golding joined DH Capital as a Managing Director in January of 2010, bringing 15 years of datacenter, hosting, and network experience to the firm. Mr. Golding's primary areas of focus is on the datacenter and hosting provider, especially in working with those firms to pursue sustainable growth strategies while staying at the cutting edge of technology.

Prior to joining DH Capital, Dan was Vice President of Research at industry analyst firm Tier1 Research, where he supervised research efforts in the areas of shared, dedicated, and managed hosting, and led the firm's entrance into the datacenter and cloud computing sectors. Dan was chairman of the Hosting Transformation Summit for the past three years, as well as the founder of the Hosting Transformation Summit Europe and Datacenter Transformation Summit events.

Prior to Tier1, Dan worked for enterprise consultancy The Burton Group, providing advice on network strategies to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 firms. He previously led global peering efforts at America Online and served as a nuclear engineer in the US Navy. Dan is a graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelors of Engineering degree, and received a Master's Degree in Telecommunications from George Mason University.